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" Simply put, Gail Wilson Lew is a miracle worker! I first came to her at the age of 17 as a severe stutterer. I was fluent only about 10% of the time. Within several months of following her directions, my fluency increased to about 50% of the time, and she documented my vast improvement on a before-and-after video to show me how much I had improved. After that, I reached a plateau, at which time Gail, who is not driven by a profit motive, told me I should stop seeing her since she had done all she could for me. The rest was up to me. The rest was just a matter of applying her lessons. So, I diligently worked on my speech day after day until one day, I realized that there was only a very slight stutter: I was fluent about 97% of the time! I wanted to be sure that this fluency was permanent, since I had at several times, as Gail predicted, deluded myself into believing that I was mostly fluent, when I wasn't.

After several years of making sure that my severe stutter was a thing of the past, I re-contacted her, to thank her from the bottom of my heart for teaching me how to beat my stutter, and we agreed that I should write a testimonial! "
Daniel Wyckoff, Freelance Programmer.
" My first visit to Gail Wilson Lew's office was during my junior year in high school. Looking back, it is one of the best things I have ever done. Upon entering her office, I felt as if I had reached a safe haven; a place where I could be myself, and rest in the presence of someone who has dedicated her life and heart to her field. In many ways, she helped me find my joy again. It was more than just techniques or the repetition of small tasks, it was a matter of my learning to understand my struggle in a new way, and her walking beside me throughout my journey. She is one of my heroes! "
Madison Garcia.
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