Gail Wilson Lew Speech Pathology

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   "I met Gail Wilson Lew in December of 2011 for a stuttering challenge that I had since I was two[years old]. This was during my Christmas break, and I was [just] 9 years old.
    Gail said that she could help me as long as I followed what she asked me to do.
    At first I went to see her once a week. I always played a talking type game with her and I always told her what was happening in my life that week. We talked about school, sports, music, everything.
     Then later, when my speech was improving, I met with her every other week. I worked up to only seeing her [once] every month.
     At first I was usually 6-10 in the rating, and the more that I was with her the more the scale went down. This was good and meant I was improving. I was noticing my speech was getting much better too. When I was almost done seeing her, I mostly always got a 1, 2 or 3. I also had a chart that my mom and my dad rated me on a 1-10 scale (1 was the best and 10 the worst).
     Gail helped me a lot and encouraged me to talk a lot so I could practice not stuttering. I felt calm when she would talk to me; she would also teach me things, and I always had a good time.
     When my speech was no longer very bumpy (that is a word for stuttering), Gail said that we probably didn't need to meet anymore.
     I stopped meeting Gail in June, 2011 after about 6 months of speech therapy. I didn't really want to stop seeing her. I think I was afraid my stuttering might come back, BUT it hasn't!!!
     Now I am 10 years old and I probably only stutter once a week. Trust me, I stuttered a lot before. I know that Gail helped me a lot and I would tell anyone that I know to go see her if you would like to help your stuttering problem."
"Chase" - 10 Years Old
Editor's Note - the following is unsolocited, but the author sincerely wanted to publish it so that his personal testimony may be of help to others, especially for the very young and their family.