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Accent Reduction Modification



Are you tired of people not understanding you ? Are you frustrated having to repeat yourself ?
Are you worried that people will laugh at the way you talk ? Are you saying little because of the fear ?
What Is An Accent?
Everyone speaks with an accent.
Accents are speech traits that are in a person's native language that carries over into a dialect or second foreign language.
For example, in some native languages there are no " R " or " L" sounds.
So when someone learns English as a second language they may not have those sounds, or those sounds will sound weak.
Others may have difficulty learning how to pronounce the vowels of words, and in the English language, every word has a vowel.
What Is Accent Reduction Modification?
 In the Accent Reduction Modification (ARM) program, an evaluation is made of the person's present speech to see what specific areas or parts of the speaking that is in need of change for the desired improvement.
Areas that may need attention could be pronunciation, emphasis within words and intonation, and/or rhythm of speech.
Often times the person speaking is not aware of these areas and the effects and impact upon the listener, because to the speaker what is occurring is quite normal.
The listener is unable to decode the full text of a message because some parts are altered or absent.
Why You Should Do This
Don't let your accent hold you back from advancing in your job performance, or your social life.
This is especially valuable for professionals such as a doctor, nurse, lawyer, executive, manager, professor, teacher, realtor, banker, teller, retailer, technical support, and anyone else who contacts the public.
Help For People Who Want To Speak Clearly
  Bringing clear fluent speech is the mission objective.
  Enabling the speaker with tools to overcome invisible barriers to communication.
  Enhancing one's place in this fast paced world of economics, media and communications.
 Individual and group sessions are available. Additional sessions can be scheduled if needed.
 Discounts are available and are adjusted for groups or organizations that have need of the ARM program.